Waterman-USA: Complete line of SS & CI gates

A leading manufacturer of Cast Iron and fabricated (Stainless Steel and/ or Aluminium) Gates and telescoping valves. Waterman gates are proven, long lasting and used all over the world.COPLASTIX-USA: Complete line of FRP gates



Scaletron Industries, Ltd.
Scaletron-USA: Manufacturing a complete line of scales for the W&WWT and industrial markets.

Scaletron manufactures of corrosion resistant electronic digital and mechanical scales and accessories. Scaletron scales are designed for weighing and monitoring the usage of corrosive chemicals and/or materials in water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial applications.


Grind Hog - Canada: Inline and channel grinders

Manufactured by G.E.T. Industries Inc., Grind HogTM comminutors, shredding and screening devices widely used in Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations to disintegrate wastewater solids.


Westfall Manufacturing Co.
Bristol, Rhode Island - USA
Westfall-USA: They offer 1) Static Mixers, 2) Venture Flow Meters, 3) Flow Conditioners and 4) Specialty filters.

Westfall specializes in custom components used in pipeline systems for water treatment, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, and other industries. Their products include static mixers, venturi flowmeters and flow straightners.


Drum Beaters of America Inc.
Elburn, Illinois - USA

Drumbeaters of America Inc. specializes in engineering & manufacturing systems for industrial companies to reduce the volume of waste products generated in manufacturing, to transform the waste products so that these can be recycled, and to totally eliminate all wastes.


East Jordan- USA

They make access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks.


Manresa - Spain: Manufacturing complete packaged Odour Control Units.

Tecnium is a manufacturer of plastic corrosion resistant tanks, fans and pumps. Tecnium is also one of the leading manufacturers of air treatment for the municipal odour control systems or industrial stripping and VOC treatment.


: Manufacturing complete packaged Odour Control Units.

F. LLI Scapin-Italy: Portable actuators

F.lli Scapin operates in the fields of mechanical constructions and hydraulic works for water treatment and depuration. Their products include sluice gates, penstocks, portable valve actuators and portable valve gearboxes


1)      F. LLI Scapin-Italy: Portable actuators

ATI: Field Instruments and gas detection

ATI Analytical Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes analytical instruments based on electrochemical and optical sensors. ATI specializes in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements.


Coplastix Fluid Control
Houston, Texas - USA

Coplastix® Flow Control products manufactures corrosion resitant fluid control equipment such as sluice gates, stop gates and logs, and flap valves.


SIMECO- Italy: Screens and grit removal equipment

Manufactures equipment and accessories for the primary treatment of wastewater such as manual and mechanical screens, rotating screens, reception plants, grit removal, classifiers and washers etc.


Neutralox- Germany: Specialty UV odour control units (we have one of the largest units installed now in Palm Jumairah)

NEUTRALOX Umwelttechnik GmbH focuses on odour control for WWTP and related facilities. Their main odor control processes are Photo-ionization for off-gas treatment, Ionized air for indoor air treatment, Ionized air oxygen generation for off-gas treatment


MSU Mississauga Ltd.

Mississauga, Ontario - Canada: Fabricated trash basket screens, access hatches and manhole accessories.

MSU Mississauga Ltd. manufactures corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel railing systems, stairways, access hatches, climbing rungs, ladders, safety platforms and access handles for the water and wastewater industries. We deal with them for Fabricated trash basket screens, access hatches and manhole accessories.


Walker Process: Circular clarifiers, Digester covers etc.

Since 1946, Walker has been offering proven technologies for biological treatment, anaerobic treatment, wastewater clarification, digestion, separation, and sludge treatment.


BISAN-Canada: Fuel Loading and metering skids

sales/engineering company involved in supplying packaged solutions or individual equipment to a variety of engineering disciplines.


Carlos Arboles SA
Rubi - Spain

CCarlos Arboles S.A. is a spanish manufacturer of emergency showers & eyewashes and decontamination Showers. Carlos Arboles Products meet ANSI Z538.1 North American Standards.arlos Arboles-Spain: Emergency showers and eyewash units.


Manning-USA: Automatic Samplers

Manning Environmental Inc. develops and manufactures fluid samplers and accessories. Theoir product lines are designed for use in the industrial, municipal, and water resource markets.


1)      Manning-USA: Automatic Samplers